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      Summer and winter tires

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      Tires are often considered unimportant parts in a vehicle. However, they play a vital role in the safety and driving performance. On the one hand, they represent the only point of contact with the ground and thus support the weight of the vehicle. On the other hand, the tires are the end elements that perform the movements related to the acceleration, braking, steering and suspension. So tires in poor condition impact the handling and driving safety. For this reason, they should be subject to regular and rigorous control.
      Summer tires provide a good grip on the ground and are very reliable on the road. However, they are not very effective in case of ice or snow, so it is now mandatory to equip their vehicles with winter tires approved for the cold season.
      The all-season tires are a compromise offering the benefits of summer tires and winter tires. It must still know that to ride in the winter with all-season tires, it is necessary that these be approved for the winter.
      At Super Auto Parts, all major brands of summer tires are available to order online, you will find all the brands like Michelin, Continental® NOKIAN®, NANKANG® or choices providing an excellent quality / price ratio as MAZZINI® or ZETA®


      Winter tires feature a special tread allows them to ride more effectively on wet, snowy or icy pavement at temperatures below 7 ° C. However, they are less efficient than summer tires on the asphalt in summer.
      In Quebec it is mandatory to install tires approved for use in winter from December to March. There are also all season tires offering the benefits of summer tires and winter while having approval for the winter.
      Many brands are available on the market in many qualities. When you buy winter tires, it is important to rely on well-known brands like Continental® Michelin®, Goodyear®, NOKIAN®, Pirelli®, Firestone®. For a more economical choice, you can rely on ZETA® or MAZZINI® brands.