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      AEM® – Performance Parts

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      AEM® is an auto parts manufacturer of performance established in 1987 in California. They specialize in today's air intake systems and electronic parts including performance gages. You've probably seen the logo in many AEM® Performance magazine, website and video games.

      They were the first company to offer a gage measuring the air / fuel mixture. In 2007 they introduced to their selection water / methanol injection kit. Over the years, the company continues its efforts to innovate in the field of performance parts.

      performance electronics
      In this division of AEM® you will find everything you need as gages, filters, fuel pumps, water / methanol injection kit, sensors and more.

      AEM® worked for many years perfecting their air intake system, they even worked together with K&N® in 1999 to develop the conical air filter. They have a wide range of air intake systems depending on your needs and the needs of your car, truck or SUV.

      Air and Fuel Delivery

      Air Filter

      AEM Induction

      Fuel Injection System and Related Components

      Engine Air Intake and Air Box Kit

      AEM Induction

      Engine Cold Air Intake Performance Kit

      AEM Induction

      Engine Cold Air Intake Tube

      AEM Induction

      Turbocharger, Supercharger and Ram Air

      Turbocharger Intercooler Pipe

      AEM Induction

      Turbocharger Intercooler Pipe Set

      AEM Induction

      Belts and Cooling
      Radiators, Coolers and Related Components


      AEM Induction

      Shocks and Struts

      Suspension Strut Bracket

      AEM Induction

      Suspension Strut Mount Bracket

      AEM Induction

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