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      MAXTRAC® – Suspension Parts

      • Frame Stiffener
      • Suspension Body Block
      • Suspension Body Lowering Kit
      • Brake Hydraulic Line Kit
      • Drive Shaft Center Support Bearing Spacer
      • Axle Flip Kit
      • Differential Drop Spacer Kit
      • Steering Knuckle
      • Alignment Cam Bolt
      • Alignment Caster Kit
      • Air Suspension Sensor Linkage Kit
      • Shock Absorber
      • Shock Absorber Extender
      • Shock Absorber Kit
      • Suspension Shock Mounting Kit
      • Suspension Strut Assembly
      • Axle Spindle
      • Coil Spring
      • Coil Spring Spacer
      • Leaf Helper Spring
      • Leaf Spring Axle U-Bolt Kit
      • Leaf Spring Hanger
      • Leaf Spring Shackle Kit
      • Radius Arm Bracket
      • Suspension Control Arm
      • Suspension Control Arm Kit
      • Suspension Crossmember Reinforcement
      • Suspension Leaf Spring Block Kit
      • Suspension Leveling Kit
      • Suspension Lift Kit
      • Suspension Stabilizer Bar Link
      • Suspension Track Bar
      • Torsion Bar Key
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      The MAXTRAC® brand was founded in 2010 by a group of trucks enthusiasts sharing the passion for car parts. What differentiates this brand of other suspension brands is that they offer three types of suspension modifications either: raise (lift kit), upgrade (leveling kit) and finally lowered (lowering kit).

      All products are designed from quality materials to deliver sustainable change without compromising handling.
      MAXTRAC® brand suspension parts are primarily designed for pickups and SUVs of those brands: Chevrolet, GMC, Ram, Ford, Jeep, Nissan and Toyota.

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