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      OPTIMA® – AGM Batteries

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      OPTIMA® Batteries is a brand AGM battery. For those less familiar with the term AGM, it means ""Absorbed Glass Mat,"" which means that the acid in the battery is absorbed by the fiberglass. The greatest benefit to AGM batteries is that they retain their charge longer, they take less time to charge and since they are sealed, they can be placed inside the cabin.

      OPTIMA® batteries are characterized by three products, they are all of excellent quality, but each is intended for a different use.

      The YellowTop® which is a deep cycle battery that is often used for racing vehicles and vehicles equipped with such an electronic as powerful audio systems or winches.

      Then comes the REDTOP® which is the replacement AGM battery for your everyday vehicle . It is mainly used for cars, RVs and heavy equipment with no added electronics.

      And finally BlueTop® YellowTop® is like a deep cycle battery, but it is intended for marine use although sometimes used aboard RV. The biggest difference between BlueTop® and YellowTop® is that BlueTop® has two types of terminals while YellowTop® has only EAS terminals.

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