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      LED conversion kits

      • Exterior Multi Purpose LED
      • Fog Light Bulb
      • Headlight Assembly
      • Headlight Bulb
      • Headlight Bulb Adapter
      • Interior Multi Purpose LED
      • LED Light Bulb
      • LED resistor

      More than half of the car accidents happen at night! Obviously, the main cause of these accidents is simply a poor visibility. Therefore, it is essential to ensure proper operation of the lighting system of your vehicle.
      Each lighting system must meet two essential conditions: light as far as possible in front of the vehicle and do not dazzle motorists who drive in the opposite direction. The first filament automotive lamp has been used in the US in 1912. He had to wait for 1962 to see the first halogen lamp H1. The first halogen lamp H4 two filaments (crossing and road) was founded in 1971. The lamp H7 is an evolution of the H1 lamp was used for the first time in 1992. The same year saw the inauguration of the first xenon lamp on the BMW 7 Series.


      The first LED lighting systems have been developed since 2002. Currently, most vehicles are equipped with LED lights. Some high-end models are equipped with laser lights. To explore our range of headlights, taillights, signal lights and bulbs, visit our online catalog or contact our customer service.


      Using LED bulbs to replace your halogen lights will result in better visibility more modern appearance plus a long life often accompanied by a lifetime warranty.


      For most vehicles, the installation of a led conversion is as easy than replacing a bulb. However, some vehicles require the installation of resistors or CANBUS to prevent flicking lights or an error code to the onboard computer.


      At Super Auto Parts, we have a wide variety of LED lights and conversion kits for most vehicles. We have the brands CLD® ODX®, EUROVISION®, PHILIPS® and more.

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