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      What is laser molded floor mats?

      Thanks to lasers and computers, car mat makers are now able to 3D reproduce the shape of all car floors. Thanks to these 3D models, they manufacture custom-made mats for each of the vehicles.

      These mats are perfectly suited to the configuration of your vehicle, you will not have to cut anything and they will even go up all the way to avoid any unwanted drip.

      Why equip your vehicle with molded floor mats

      Equipping your vehicle with a set of custom molded mats can be attractive for many reasons.

      1. Molded mats conform perfectly to the shape of your vehicle's floor and roll up all the way to prevent water from dripping.
      2. They make cleaning the car much easier
      3. They are much more secure so that they do not have to slip under the pedals like a universal mat. In addition, the majority of them attach via the original anchors.
      4. Apparently, they make the interior of your vehicle much cleaner than with universal carpets
      5. They retain excellent resale value.

      Difference between Weathertech Floorliner and Husky Weatherbeater floor mats

      Among the floor mats brands offered at Super Auto Parts, you will find big names such as WEATHERTECH® and HUSKY LINER®. Husky or WeatherTech molded mats are available for most recent vehicle makes and models in various colors.


      Prices between Weathertech and Husky are comparable, sometimes one is cheaper than the other, but generally it is relatively similar.


      Both brands offer a limited lifetime warranty. You can see more details on Weathertech's Waranty or on Husky Liners Waranty on their website. 


      Both brands are broad enough for vehicle applications, but Weathertech covers more vehicle configurations.

      In conclusion, both brands offer molded mats of similar quality for many vehicles, the prices are similar although sometimes one can be cheaper than the other. In texture, the Weathertech appears to be more rubber while the Husky's material is stiffer.

      How to buy Weathertech or Husky liner floor mats online

      For Weathertech, you can directly use our website home page or this page which will show you results from both brands for your vehicle.

      First, to see the search results, simply enter the make, model and year in the blue square at the top of this page. Then it is strongly recommended that you look at the filters on the left so as not to display mats that do not suit your vehicle options. If there are no filters, the model just fits all configurations of your vehicle.

      Second, once you have found the mats for your vehicle, press add to cart then go to the cart page by clicking on the red cart at the top of the page.

      Third, click on pay now and enter your shipping and payment information. ATTENTION: The delivery address must be the same as the billing address and your credit card address.

      Weathertech discounts

      For those looking for WeatherTech mats at or at the best price, we offer them all at the minimum price allowed by Weathertech throughout the year.