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      To be effective, a braking system must respond instantly and precisely to the driver. According to the brake system used in a vehicle, drums and discs are among the most important and contributes effectively to the locking and immobilization of the vehicle.


      The brake rotor is typically mounted on the front axle and the drums are mounted on the rear axle. In addition to their primary function of braking, the drums are also house the parking brake mechanism. The new vehicles are increasingly equipped with front discs and rear. In this case, the parking brake mechanism is incorporated into the rear calipers or the offset of the wheel disc (similar in operation to a drum).


      To ensure effective braking is important to regularly check the condition of disks and drums whenever you replace brake pads or brake shoes. Builders and manufacturers recommend changing discs and drums in pairs. They also recommend replacing pads and brake shoes to ensure a uniform wear of the braking elements on the same axle.


      At Super Auto Parts, you will find several brake discs ranges for various uses. Among these ranges, you will find big brands such as VIPER®, ULTRA®, PROLOGIX® and XTREME STOP® and our quality EUROROTOR® with their disc high carbon EHC®