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      FRAM®, WIX®, K & N®

      As its name suggests, the main function of the filter is to filter impurities and prevent them from passing into the engine. In the automotive, there are several types of filters: oil filter, air filter, fuel filter (petrol and diesel), cabin filter and transmission filter (for automatic transmission).
      Due to the high mechanical precision of the internal components of the engine, the oil filter is required to clean the engine oil impurities. It thus protects all the sensitive elements such as cylinders, pistons, crankshaft, valves, connecting rods, and the oil pump.
      Similarly, the air filter cleans the air entering the interior of the cylinders so as to prevent dust or particles damage the engine. As for the fuel filter, it enables to remove the impurities transported by the fuel in order to protect the injection pump and injectors.
      The cabin filter is used to purify the conditioned air entering the passenger compartment. It traps many harmful elements such as dust, soot, combustion gases, or pollen. Poor air quality in the cockpit can cause allergies and breathing problems. It is therefore important to regularly change the cabin filter to avoid these risks and ensure exemplary air quality.
      It is not uncommon to find that the non-compliance review deadlines cause serious damage requiring significant expenditure. Do not forget to regularly change all filters at the intervals specified by the manufacturer in order to ensure optimal operation of your vehicle!
      At Super Auto Parts, you will find major brands of filters as FRAM®, WIX®, K & N® and more.