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      Shock absorbers

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      The shock is a device used in vehicles to absorb and dissipate the kinetic energy resulting from the uneven floor. Indeed, when the wheels go down into a pothole or when overcoming an obstacle, they create oscillating movements. These movements are then transmitted to the entire vehicle and can affect the comfort of the driver and passengers.


      By providing a vehicle suspension springs, we come to alleviate this problem, because the vehicle is partially isolated from movements arising when the wheels ride over a bump or fall into a pothole. However, a vehicle with only springs continues bouncing several times because of obstacles and uneven road surfaces.
      The shocks prevent this problem because it prevents the continuous oscillation compensating movements spring and dissipating energy resulting from these movements.


      There usually are many types of shock absorbers, hydraulic, pneumatic, hydropneumatic, inertial, magneto rheological ... Etc. The suspension with spring struts is most commonly used for light vehicles. Heavy vehicles and large 4x4 typically use air cushions (pneumatic suspension).


      The shocks should be regularly inspected to detect any anomaly or malfunction. They should be changed on average every 80,000 to 90,000 km. If you often drive on poor roads.
      At Super Auto Parts, you will find big brands of original replacement quality shock absorbers such as MONROE®, KYB® or EVOLUTION®. You can also choose a suspension for off-road Jeep or truck or even lower your car with a set of "coilover" or "CoilSpring" from a brand like KW®, TEIN®, H & R® or KONI®.